Portugal Tour 2001


1.1 Mafra monastery, Mafra

1.2 Mafra monastery, with our tour bus

1.3 Mafra monastery, Mafra

1.4 Our lunch stop at Sintra

1.5 Ruins of the castle overlooking Sintra

1.6 Cabo da Roca, near Sintra

1.7 Cabo da Roca

1.8 Gary Mills at Cabo da Roca

1.9 The harbour at Estoril

1.10 Another view of the harbour at Estoril

1.11 View from the Miradouro de Santa Luzia, Lisbon, looking
     towards the Igreja da Graça
1.12 View from the Miradouro de Santa Luzia, Lisbon, looking
     towards the Sé (cathedral)
1.13 Tram at the Miradouro de Santa Luzia, Lisbon


2.1 Lunch at the Miradouro de Santa Luzia, Lisbon

2.2 Duplicate

2.3 Gary Mills at the entrance to the Castelo de São Jorge, Lisbon

2.4 View from the Castelo, looking towards the Tagus

2.5 View from the Castelo, looking towards the suspension bridge

2.6 View from the Castelo, overlooking the red tile roofs

2.7 View from the Castelo, overlooking the Baixa

2.8 The castle walls and towers

2.9 The top of the castle wall

2.10 View along the castle wall

2.11 Igreja São Vincent de Fora, Lisbon

2.12 Spires of the church

2.13 Museu Militar, Lisbon

2.14 Igreja de Santa Engrácia, Lisbon

2.15 Landscape near Lisbon

2.16 Olive trees seen from the highway

2.17 Eucalyptus trees seen from the highway

2.18 Basilica at Fatima

2.19 Street scene in Fatima

2.20 Orange tree seen from the highway

2.21 Batalha abbey, built by King Joâo I to celebrate his
     victory over the Castilion army in 1385
2.22 Entrance of Batalha abbey

2.23 Side of Batalha abbey

2.24 Another view of the side

2.25 The beach at Nazaré as seen from the cliff


3.1 View from the beach at Nazaré, looking towards the cliff

3.2 View from the beach at Nazaré, looking towards the town

3.3 Workman fitting cobblestones on the street at Nazaré

3.4 Street at Nazaré, looking towards the beach

3.5 Street at Nazaré, looking towards the hill

3.6 Pine trees a the road side

3.7 The 13th-century wall at Óbidos

3.8 The church at Óbidos

3.9 Flowering vines on a wall at Óbidos

3.10 Close-up of the castle at Óbidos

3.11 View of the castle at Óbidos

3.12 The top of the wall at Óbidos

3.13 An archway at Óbidos

3.14 A tiny flower garden beside a wall at Óbidos

3.15 Tile work inside the gateway at Óbidos

3.16 The aqueduct near Óbidos

3.17 View from atop the wall at Óbidos

3.18 View along the wall at Óbidos

3.19 View of the town at Óbidos

3.20 Dinner at the Estoril Eden hotel

3.21 Dinner entertainment - Portugese dancers

3.22 Our tour bus in front of the hotel at Estoril

3.23 A cork tree.  The black area on the trunk is new cork

3.24 Eucalyptus trees.  They twist to the right and shed their bark

3.25 José, our guide from Collette Tours


4.1 Cork oaks in the Alentejo.  The cork grows as much as 1.5 cm in
    a year, and is harvested every nine years
4.2 The Sé (cathedral) at Évora, showing the 12th-century façade
    and the 16th-century towers.
4.3 Carved stone statues of the apostles guarding the entrance.

4.4 A carved angel in the Sé

4.5 View of the sanctuary in the Sé

4.6 The angel again

4.7 A nave of the Sé

4.8 Interior view of the Sé

4.9 Duplicate

4.10 The Roman temple at Évora.  This second-century structure is
     the most outstanding Roman monument in Portugal
4.11 Detail of the Corinthian-style columns

4.12 The tower of the Palácio dos Duques de Cadaval, Évora,
     showing the Manueline-Moorish architectural elements
4.13 Interior courtyard of an old villa in Évora

4.14 Wall paintings on the second level of villa

4.15 The first-century Roman baths, located in the subsoil of
     the city hall at Évora
4.16 Another view of the Roman baths

4.17 Igreja de São Francisco, Évora, looking up

4.18 Igreja de São Francisco, showing the entrance

4.19 Detail of the wall at the Capela dos Ossos (Chapel of Bones)

4.20 Interior of the Capela dos Ossos, showing the shrivelled
     corpses of a man and a child.  The inscription is translated
     as "We the bones lie in wait for yours"
4.21 Tile work on the chapterhouse wall, Igreja de São Francisco

4.22 Cork trees in the Alentejo

4.23 View from my balcony at the Pestana Alvor, in the Algarve

4.24 View from the deck at the Pestana Alvor

4.24 The pool at the Pestana Alvor


5.1 Fort entrance at Cabo de São Vincente, in the Algarve

5.2 The cliff at Cabo de São Vincente

5.3 The fort at Cabo de São Vincente

5.4 The lighthouse at Cabo de São Vincente

5.5 View from the reconstructed fort at Sagres, in the Algarve

5.6 Roman sculpture in the museum at Lagos, in the Algarve

5.7 Sanctuary of the cathedral at Lagos

5.8 Tile work at the cathedral

5.9 Tower of the cathedral at Lagos

5.10 Entrance of the 13th-century Sé de Santa Maria (cathedral)
     at Silves, in the Algarve
5.11 Another view of the cathedral

5.12 Moorish tower and wall at Silves

5.13 Side view of the cathedral

5.14 Moorish castle walls at Silves

5.15 Radar station at the top of the Monchique mountains,
     900 metres above sea level.  The mountains are an important
     source of water for the area.  Most of the water arrives as
     dew, rather than rainfall
5.16 The southern façade of the 15th-century Mosterio dos Jerónimos
     (Jerónimos Monastery), Lisbon
5.17 Stained glass window in the Mosterio dos Jerónimos

5.18 Detail of the carvings at the south portal

5.19 Torre de Belém, Lisbon, a 16th-century fortress on the
     edge of the Tagus
5.20 Detail of the Torre de Belém

5.21 Alfred Monin, my frequent companion on the coach

5.22 Angela Thompson, the only other Brandon graduate in the group.

5.23 Flowers in a yard in Funchal, Madeira

5.24 View from my balcony at the Savoy hotel, Funchal

5.25 Giant crab in the Museu Municipal, Funchal


6.1 Street scene in Funchal, Madeira

6.2 View of the Marina, Funchal

6.3 View of the waterfront, Funchal

6.4 ???? bush in the park, Funchal

6.5 Botanical garden, Madeira

6.6 View of house in the garden

6.7 View of the yard

6.8 A flowering tree

6.9 Duplicate

6.10 Duplicate

6.11 Misty landscape, Madeira

6.12 Terraced hillside, Madeira

6.13 Hillside scene, Madeira

6.14 Thatched cottage, Madeira

6.15 Another thatched cottage

6.16 Bird of Paradise plant, Madeira

6.17 The Atlantic on a misty day, Madeira

6.18 Houses in the valley, Madeira

6.19 Looking down from the bus, Madeira

6.20 Hillside from the bus, Madeira

6.21 Treed hillside from the bus

6.22 Laurel forest, Madeira.  This is the scene that the Portugese
     explorers saw in the 15th century
6.23 A levada walk, Madeira

6.24 Further down the trail

6.25 Looking down on the garden at Monte, Madeira

6.26 View of Funchal from Monte

6.27 Lois and Karen starting their sled ride at Monte

6.28 Flowering bush, Madeira

6.29 Another scene from the bus,

6.30 Houses on the hillside, Madeira

6.31 Hillside scene

6.32 Buildings at different levels, Funchal

6.33 My own living room again

6.34 Duplicate

6.35 My souvenirs

6.36 Duplicate